April 6, 2010

Hey Immi!

Imogen Heap, Ellipse World Tour
Balai Kartini Kartika Expo
March 31, 2010


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April 4, 2010

Quote #21

Even the God love jokes.


Aloha people!

it's April already and i didn't got the chance to post anything new.
no, i'm not busy.. just a bit lazy to sit in front of my netbook for hours and start thinking what should i post. errr.. anyways.. i been too freaked out to see my netbook lately, cause of my mini thesis is (unfortunately) not finish yet. ARGHHH! *screaming in panic*
and thanks to this stressing-mini-thesis-syndrome i gain 8 kilos in a month. i totally look like a hippo. bummer! plus, i can't even satisfy my sweet tooth, i always crave for anything taste sweet more and more and moreee.. there there, i gain another kilos from that. *roaring*

oh well, too much talk..

..and before i forget..

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